Beatrice Peanuts exports to the most demanding countries all over the world including European Union which is the highest quality standard demanding. Our procedures and norms to the intern market are the same used to the exportation market. Beatrice Peanuts is proud to provide superior quality raw material so the clients produce the best products. The products are:

  • Blanched Runner Peanuts 38/42
  • Blanched Runner Peanuts 40/50
  • Blanched Runner Peanuts 50/60
  • Blanched Runner Split Peanuts
  • Raw Runner Peanuts 38/42
  • Raw Runner Peanuts 40/50
  • Raw Runner Peanuts 50/60
  • Raw Runner Peanuts 60/70
  • Raw Runner Peanuts 70/80
  • Raw Runner Split Peanuts
  • Commercialization

    We provide high quality peanuts so our clients deliver the best products.