Health and Nutrition

Peanuts are known as a very important source of essential oils and proteins apart from its high energetic value. Its consumption promotes better absorption of some micronutrients (vitamin of complex B, calcium, potassium, zinc among others). They are in outstanding position among the oleaginous containing a number of bioactive substances protecting against free radicals, the most commonly known are the poliphenous, tocoferois, flavanoids among others that also have the function of antioxidant for the organism.

Due to its composition, peanuts are scientifically known apart from its excellent contribution for its prevention of cardiovascular diseases, metabolism balance, diminishing of cholesterol and triglycerides. It supplies minerals, vitamins, fibers, and acts as an appetite inhibitor that, independent to its lipidic value don’t offer risk to the gain of weight when consumed under advised quantity, around 30g daily (ABICAB - Brazilian cocoa chocolate peanut and candies manufacturers association).

Peanuts can be consumed in so many ways: in natural, toasted or like semi-processed or processed food. In Brazil the most well-known semi-processed is the Japanese peanut, among other processed like paçoca (peanut candy), peanut butter, flour and oil.

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